I enjoy birthdays – besides celebrating with my loved ones this is also a perfect opportunity to bake a birthday cake. But I don’t bake only birthday cakes, but also cakes for every day – just what I feel like.

Cottage Cheese Cake for Summer Days

At first I just enjoyed decorating the cake. But then I realized it’s also important the cake tastes as good as it looks. I had tried many different recipes. I learned how to make different sponge cakes, various kinds of buttercream, delicious fillings … 

Black Forest Cake – one of my first decorations!

… and in some time, I started to design my own cake recipes and decorations.

Blueberry Cake

I want to make everyone feel special for his/her birthday or other occasion. So I try my best to find out what they like and prepare a cake just for them. I adapt myself to every wish and need – if necessary, I can prepare the vegan or non-lactose version. Below you can see the Vanilla Fruit Cake made with coconut milk for my grandma’s birthday.  

Vanilla Fruit Cake

All of these cake recipes (and more) can be found at the following link:  or simply pick a category Cakes on the right side of my webpage (or scroll down if you’re using a mobile version).

Ferrero Rocher Cake