About blog


I’m Jasna and I’m glad you’re reading my blog Bake Something Different. From time to time somebody asks our family whether we own a pastry shop but we can’t answer this question positively. But I can share with you my enthusiasm for making desserts because they are the answer to my almost every question. Rainy day? – I’m baking! Birthday? – Let’s make a birthday cake! Lunch at the paretns’? – I’ll bring the dessert!  

Why have I created Bake Something Different? It’s a simple answer. This blog is a nice and fulfilling way of spending my free time and is my passion. I try to create recipes which are easy to make so anyone can prepare my desserts. I try to add to each recipe something different, new, unique. Sometimes it’s enough already to improve a classic dessert, like a cream cake, by adding a new ingredient – for example – strawberries. And there it is: a new dessert, and even tastier! Every dessert on this webpage is somewhat unique. It could be the secret ingredient, a new way of preparation, or … Well, let’s not say everything here, I will leave you to try to bake something yourself.

And something about me … 

No, I’m not a pastry chef, neither a baker or a cook. In fact, I am a 24-year-old psychology student. I’ve learned to bake by myself. I loved helping my mom when she was baking when I was a child (she’s also a baking master and sometimes people ask whether we own a pastry shop but she’s not a pastry chef either). I live in Maribor, Slovenia, with my boyfriend. I enjoy taking walks in the centre of the city. Originally I come from Prekmurje, a region in east part of the country, where I often travel to visit my family. Besides baking I have many hobbies. I like to read, watch movies and series, write, and take care of my plants. 



I wish you a lot of baking pleasure! And of course, bake something different!