Apple Almond Cinnamon Rolls

 You can hardly imagine a more typical fall desserts than cinnamon rolls. They are very popular in northern Europe. Classic cinnamon rolls are made from yeast dough, filled with mixture of butter, cinnamon, and brown sugar.

Apple Almond Cinnamon Rolls follow the original cinnamon rolls in almost every way, except I added some apples, almond butter, and chopped almonds. They quite well resemble apple pie. Dough is flavourful and fluffy, apples add juiciness, and cinnamon, brown sugar, and almond butter add a distinct aroma. Apart from original rolls, these don’t have a cream cheese frosting because I’ve found the filling to be full enough.

When making yeast dough for sweet baked goods, I always use butter instead of oil. The butter makes sure the dough is flavourful and has a nice, milky taste. That’s also the reason why it is good to use full-fat milk (3,5% fat). The dough for cinnamon rolls is sweetened with white and vanilla sugar, and I also added rum and salt, so the dough itself tastes just as good. And it smells so delicious when you’re making it …

Apple Almond Cinnamon Roll
Ingredients (for 12 rolls)


  • 500 g flour
  • 14 g dry yeast powder
  • 4 tablespoons white sugar
  • 20 g vanilla sugar or 2 teaspoons vanilla essence
  • 1,5 tablespoons rum
  • Half a teaspoon salt
  • 250 ml full-fat milk
  • 75 g unsalted butter
  • 2 whole eggs


Almond-Apple Filling

  • 150 g almond butter
  • 50 g chopped almonds
  • 2-3 apples
  • 4 tablespoons brown sugar
  • Cinnamon

Warm up the milk and rum. Melt the butter inside it.

Mix flour, dry yeast powder, white sugar, vanilla sugar (or essence), and salt. Make a small pit and add the whole eggs into it. Finally, pour over the milk-rum-butter mixture and stir with a spoon. Then gently knead the dough with your hands so all the ingredient mix homogenously.

Let the dough rest for at least 1 hour. It should double its volume. It is the best to make yeast dough in a warm space so it rises fastly.

Meanwhile, you can chop your almonds and cut the apples into small pieces.

Roll out the dough. Make sure the surface is covered with flour because the dough is very gentle and sticky. Roll it into a rectangle of dimensions approx. 20×40 cm.

Spread the almond butter. Sprinkle evenly with brown sugar, cinnamon, and chopped almonds. Finally, arrange the apple pieces on the dough.

Roll the dough.

Cut it into 12 even pieces. Put them in a baking tray, covered with baking paper.

Bake 30 minutes on 185° C.

Enjoy the start of the fall with your delicious apple-almond cinnamon rolls!

Additional Advice

Apple-Almond Cinnamon Rolls are best eaten fresh, the same day you bake them. You can also freeze them and defrost when you desire them.

If you are not fan of almond butter, any other nut butter can be used. If you are not a fan of nuts, use regular unsalted butter.

Apples can be grated instead of cut into pieces.

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