Apple Crumble Strudel

Apple strudel – a typical fall dessert. But I also love a nice apple crumble cake. So I got the idea to combine both desserts. The procedure is very simple, especially if you buy filo pastry for strudel. Sometimes I do that because I’m a little lazy or I just can’t make the same pastry my grandma does. With bought pastry sheets, the procedure takes about 45 minutes, and the baking time is 30 minutes.


Ingredients (for 16 pieces – 4 strudels)

4 sheets of filo pastry

30 g butter

8 apples

150 g flour

150 g sugar

90 g butter

2 teaspoons cinnamon

1 egg yolk



Clean the apples, peel them, and shred. Set aside.

Mix flour, sugar, and cinnamon. Add 90 g butter. Knead to get fine crumbles – as seen on the photo below.

Melt 30 g of butter. Cover the baking tray with parchment paper.

Take the first sheet of filo pastry and spread some melted butter all over it. Slightly cover with crumbles.

Put on some shredded apples. Cover the apple mixture with some crumbles.

Roll together to get a strudel. Repeat the procedure with the next 3 strudels.

(Since it’s just the two of us, there’s only two strudels or half of the listed ingredients quantity. And I had to cut every strudel because my baking tray is too short 😊).

Spread the egg yolk on strudels to get lovely golden glow.

Bake for 30 minutes on 180 degrees Celsius.

The strudel is especially tasty when served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Apple Crumble Strudel