Chocolate Cake Black Forest

Black Forest Cake or the Schwarzwald Cake is one of the most classic cakes and also one of the first cakes I have learned to bake. But since the purpose of my blog is to add something different to every dessert or making it in a special way, I decided to upgrade this already rich classic. In usual black forest cake there’s a chocolate sponge, cherry filling, and sweet cream, and this combination can be lovely completed with chocolate – melted, shaved, in pieces – chocolate!

This dessert is somewhat more difficult and will take more time than other recipes here, so I suggest you prepare the cherry filling the night before so it cools down and gets nice, firm structure. The next day, expect to spend around 3 hours on making the cake (including baking time).

Ingredients (for 26 cm cake or 12 pieces)

Sponge cake

6 eggs

160 g sugar

170 g flour

40 g cocoa powder

12 g baking powder


Sour cherry filling

1 jar of canned sour cherries

3 tablespoons flour or cornstarch

4 tablespoons sugar

50 ml cherry liquor or rum


Chocolate sweet cream

200 ml sweet cream (whipping cream)

75 g dark chocolate


Other ingredients

1 dl milk and 30 ml cherry liquor to wet the sponge cake

100 g dark chocolate for shaving

200 ml sweet cream and 75 g dark chocolate for frosting

Chocolate shavings, chocolate pieces, and sour cherries for decoration


Remove stones from cherries. Take the juice and boil it with sugar.

Mix the flour with adequate quantity of water (a deciliter or 1,5 dl will do) and pour the mixture into boiling juice. Wait for it to boil and become thicker. Add sour cherries and liquor. Stir slowly and let cool. The best if all the night.

Whip eggs with sugar. Add flour, baking powder, and cocoa powder. Bake for 30 minutes on 180 degrees Celsius.

When cold, cut into three layers.

Whip the sweet cream and melt dark chocolate. Mix together.


Time to put together the cake!

Prepare the cake tray – put a cake napkin on it.

Place the first layer of sponge cake and wet it with milk and liquor.

Spread half of the cherry filling on it.

Cherry filling

Shave the chocolate and cover the whole area.

Chocolate shavings

Spread half of the chocolate sweet cream on the cake.

Put on the second layer of sponge cake. Repeat the procedure. Finish with the last layer of sponge cake and wet it.


Decoration time!

Whip the sweet cream and melt dark chocolate. Mix together and cover the whole cake with it. Arrange sour cherries and chocolate pieces on top. Shave chocolate all over the cake.

Finished cake

I wish you a lot of baking pleasure!