Ferrero Rocher Cake

My best friend adores Ferrero Rocher, but interestingly – she doesn’t like cakes. At least until she tried mine. That’s why I prepared the Ferrero Rocher Cake for her birthday which she happily ate (and the rest of us guests). A small tip: in summer, you can’t buy Ferrero Rocher at the store, so buy them in winter and save them, or decorate the cake the way I was forced to (because this piece of information was something new to me).

For the cake, you will need the next ingredients.

Sponge cake:

6 eggs

160 g sugar

175 g flour

35 g cocoa powder

1 pack of baking powder



200 ml double cream

500 g mascarpone cheese

3 tablespoons of icing sugar

170 g dark chocolate

1 pack of hazelnut croquant


Other ingredients:

1,5 dl of milk for wetting the sponge cake

200 ml double cream

80 g dark chocolate

1 pack of hazelnut croquant for decoration (or the box of Ferrero Rocher)

80 g of dark chocolate and 70 g butter for glaze


Prepare the baking tray for cakes with diameter of 26 cm. Cover the bottom with baking paper, butter the edge and cover it slightly with flour. Whip the eggs with sugar. Turn on the oven and heat it to 180 degrees Celsius. Add the flour, cocoa powder, and baking powder. Mix it carefully – take care that the mixture remains airy and sponge cake will therefore be fluffy. Bake for 30 to 35 minutes.

When the sponge cake cools down, cut it twice so you get three layers. Prepare the tray for the cake (cake napkin, put on the first layer of sponge cake, and paper napkins around it so the cake napkin doesn’t get dirty). Wet the sponge cake with milk.

Prepare the frosting. Whip the double cream and add mascarpone cheese. Mix it so you get a homogenous texture. Melt the dark chocolate and add it to the mixture together with hazelnut croquant. Mix it thoroughly so you get the even color.

Spread almost half of the frosting on the sponge cake. Cover with second layer of sponge cake and wet it with milk. Then again spread almost half of the frosting on it and cover with the last layer of sponge cake. Wet this one, too, and spread the remaining frosting on the top of it.

Whip the double cream and add melted chocolate. Spread it on the whole cake. Now it’s time to decorate.

Cover the bottom edge of cake with hazelnut croquant.

Melt the chocolate together with butter. Pour it on the top and cover the whole top. At the edge, let it slip down a little bit. Be careful your chocolate isn’t too fluid or thick (if it’s too fluid, melt some more chocolate, if it’s too thick, add some butter).

Sprinkle the hazelnut croquant on the top.

Arrange the Ferrero Rochers around in circle or decorate with the remaining cream.

If the cake was good enough for my best friend who doesn’t like cakes, then I’m sure your guests will be delighted as well!